Who is Mission Point Community Church?

On January 5, 2014, a group of friends and family who would eventually become Mission Point Community Church met for prayer, Bible study, worship, and fellowship.  A few weeks later, God showed us that He was trying to do something special, and Mission Point was officially born.
We knew we wanted to be different in some ways, but even in a new, small church, opinions varied as to how.  We were united in our commitment to the fundamentals of the faith and to our desire to be a Great Commission church, but unsure how to flesh out that calling.
We are far from a finished product; sometimes it seems very, very far.  But, little by little, God reveals our next steps.  The journey at times has been hard and frustrating; but looking back, it has also been rewarding.  I believe, however, that the best days at Mission Point are ahead and anxiously anticipate God's working.
Here are some of the characteristics that make Mission Point distinct if not unique.  In no way are we commenting on any other church - only on who God has called us to be.  If these resonate with you, feel free to contact or visit us to discover more.
  1. Missions - As our name implies, we want to be a missional church in our community and around the world.  We give 25% of all undesignated receipts to missions work; we send teams to the Dominican Republic; we support foster care and adoption ministries; and we invest in other missional endeavors at home and abroad.  We say..."at Mission Point, we don't have members, we have missionaries" because it is our expectation that every person involved at Mission Point is also involved with meeting needs outside the walls of the church.
  2. Size/Church Growth - We want to reach as many men, women, boys, and girls for Christ as possible; but we don't want to grow large as a church.  Instead, as we approach 150-200 in attendance, we want to plant another church.  We feel this way for several reasons: 1)it is easier to know and be known at a smaller church; 2)a smaller church requires less overhead, particularly in the form of facilities; 3)a smaller church can offer greater flexibility in programming and scheduling.  There are certainly benefits that a larger church offers.  We hope to address some of those through partnerships with other smaller congregations.
  3. Partnership - Too often it seems that churches view each other as competitors rather than partners in ministry..  At times, if we pooled our resources, we could accomplish Kingdom work that we couldn't accomplish alone.  I'm excited that this summer, Mission Point will join Riverdale Baptist in offering a Vacation Bible School to our community (We are only two blocks apart.).  Also this summer, we'll be combining with Crossway Baptist on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic.  We continue to look for other ways to work together.
  4. Worship - Our worship services are planned to reach unchurched families in our community.  Our dress ranges widely; you may see shorts and flip flops on one attendee and a suit and tie on another.  Our sermons tend to be a little more interactive than most and are intended to provide practical, biblical applications for life.  Our music is somewhat contemporary, but we strive to stay connected to our musical heritage, including hymns with regularity.
  5. Finances - We operate as leanly as possible so that as much funding as possible can be directed to missional activities.  We also have committed to remaining debt-free as a church, giving us as much freedom as possible to take advantage of opportunities as they come available.  Our budget is allocated as follows:  25.3% Missions, 25.2% Building, 10% Administration, 19.5% Personnel, 16.4% Ministry, and 3.3% Discretionary Funds.

A final characteristic, one we hope to change this year, involves more effectively publicizing our needs as a church.  When we started, we were so committed to resist any real or perceived proselytizing activities that we turned away, or at least didn't pursue, some interested in coming and serving at Mission Point.  The result is inadequate leadership to accomplish the things to which God has called us.

While we are still committed not to proselytize, we will make our needs known and allow God to lead those He chooses to meet those needs.  We will invite those wanting to be short-term missionaries to Mission Point to volunteer service with us for a semester, a year, or longer with the option of staying involved or connected with their home church.

We need missionaries to help in our worship and audio/visual ministries, preschool, children's, and youth ministries.  If you have a gift you'd like to develop or use, we'll attempt to give you that option.

If you have other questions about Mission Point or would like to volunteer, please email doug.campbell@missionpointtn.com or call (615)848-3834.


Doug Campbell, Lead Pastor - Mission Point Community Church